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  In the rapidly changed IT and communication industry, Nutech realized the importance to grasp with problems faced by our clients. Through a better understanding on the problems and better knowledge on the business processes, our experienced engineering team will propose a comprehensive solution to our client with maximum quality wrapped in a reasonable cost.
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Multi Application Smartcard Solution
This highly practical card is definitely the answer for information society's future with its reliable, fast, effective & efficient data processing & reporting, activities monitoring and control, as well as security feature enhancements. This card is applicable for campuses, office buildings, membership card, public transport, etc.

Automatic Gate Ticketing System
The automatic gate ticketing system is an integrated application suitable for Theme Park or transportation industry such as bus, train, monorail, and other public transport. The system will provide a better output for management and end user.

Toll Collection System
The Integrated Toll Collection System covers both software and hardware for the revenue collection of a toll highway operation. Rather than offering a conventional revenue system, our system incorporates management and operational functionality which offers flexibility for the highway concession holder to operate, supervise, manage, and maintain the toll revenue function in effective and efficient way.

Access Control & Security System
Entrance system and access control provides a high security door access controller in a low cost. With this system, the flow of employee/staffs will be detected, as each controller will control the entry of one door/gate. The authorized staff will be given a ‘registered' contact-less smartcard for their access to enter the controlled door. With this system, the office security and privacy will be well maintained.
Other than that, this system is also suitable for transportation industry such as bus, train, monorail, and other public transport as it will provide a better output for management and end user.

Parking System
A gradually increment of congestion in city centers required a better system to control the traffic flow. One of the factors that need to be mentioned in urban management is controlled parking. We have the answer for an efficient controlled parking which generated by our smartcard application. Our contact-less smartcard parking solution will provide a level of convenience, security and reliability for the end user. People would not have to worry for small notes, as the transaction will be generated online by card. The controlled parking that utilizes smartcard brings dozen of advantages which include convenience, security, accessibility, better control, real time data, applicability, and instant process.

Electronic Road Pricing
To reduce traffic at toll gates, Nutech provide a system that will increase time efficiencies and improve transaction management. Electronic road pricing (ERP) is an electronic system of road pricing base on a pay-as-you-use principle. It is designed to be a fair system as motorists are charged when they use the road during peak hours.

FMCG Solution
Solution for Fast Moving Consumer Goods that required accuracy, effective, & efficient system to control, monitor, and gather information to get the best result for its distribution and sales using the latest technology of mobile device.

Project Management and Consultancy Services
Our experienced & professional human capital will provide management service for development program/project of access control. Our service includes on employee recruitment, material purchasing & handling, system development, sub-contracting, project control & reporting, and the implementation itself. We believe that the rapid enhancement of technology and information society in the past few years has pushed us to provide the best up-to-date solution for urban management & access control.

Installation and Maintenance
Nutech also realize the importance of installation and maintenance support as the main factors for operational excellence. This will be backed up by highly experienced skill and committed to standard operation procedure

Manage services
Nutech deliver day-to-day related management responsibility as a strategic method to improved effective and efficient operations. We supported with experienced management and trusted personel that equiped with latest IT devices and solution
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